05 February 2012

Free Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest by Sis Intan

Salam Maulidur Rasul semua..(^_^)

Pagi isnin yg nyaman..borink xtau nk btper..

so ziarah2 blog kwan2 jela...smbil bce2 blog kwn2 B2B..

tbe2 ternampak blog k.intan marliana @choclairissa anjurkan contest

FRESH FLOWER HAND BOUQUET...oh sgt awesome ok..

tbe2 terpk psl HB fresh flower..oh teringin sy pon try la join

mne tau rezeki nk kwen ni kn...meh tgk terms2 utk join contest ni..

What to do? Just simple one..(copy from k.intan blog)
  1. Follow my blog  :DONE
  2. Write most creative entry in your blog and/or your Facebook in Malay or English - why we have to choose you as the winner? :DONE
  3. Share contest banner in your blog entry or Facebook. :DONE
  4. Drop your link at below comments column form or mail to for our evaluation. :DONE
Terms and conditions:
  1. Malaysia future brides in 2012 (earlier the better)
  2. Applicable to future brides within Klang Valley and Terengganu (subject on availability to maintain fresh flowers qualities)
  3. Latest submission : 14 February 2012.
  4. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  5. By entering this contest, you are deemed to have read and agreed with these terms.
tgk senang je kn2? so why k.intan must choose me as a winner?????

Sebagai B2B 2012 of course saya nk save  bajet. saya bukan ank org senang,

pe sy nak sy akn cbe dptkn dgn hasil usaha dats y pe je contest kt blog ni

sy akan join.menang kalah 2 adat xkisah yg penting mencuba kn2...

utk my wedding sy mmg nk gne kn fresh flower like Red Rose or Pink Rose..

tp insyaallah klo der rezeki lbih kn..menang contest dpt la free..

saya memang xde contoh my dream fresh flower Hb ckupla

gmbr banner dr k.intan 2..sgt2 sweet bg mmg xtau sgt psl bunga2 ni.. ske tgk pic nikah k.intan with red rose Hb..sgt2 menonjol..

so sy berangan2 tuk pgg Fresh Red Rose like k.intan sgt2 sweet..

ok dats all bout my dream fresh flower hand bouquet..

maaf entry kurang menarik sbb sy xtau sgt psl bunga2...

tp impian utk memiliki Fresh Flower  HB sgt tggi..heheh

thanks 2 k.intan sbb anjurkan contest ni...

hrp2 der rezeki sy untuk dpt sentuhan HB fresh Flower dri k.intan..

ok da.....(*_*)

2 pengomen tegar:

ADEEYA said...

Goodluck Nora :)

choclairissa @ intan marliana said...

wahhh terharuuu~~saingan sengitla korg semua ni..awak2 boleh x tlg share bile awak nikah? n di mana exact tmpt? sorry terlupe nk tmbh dlm contest..saye baru edit..tq sgt2 k..nnt result akan diumumkan lps 14feb :)

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